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All Citizens 


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Strategic Engagement
Providing funding services for small-size projects.Pr
International Strategic Engagement:
Franchise Projects financing product intersects with the ninth objective of the United Nations sustainable development objectives.
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The Bank is launching this program to support the Saudi economy and to serve qualified citizens of the country by offering a number of investment opportunities with high success rates and low risk ratios, to these youth by agreeing with a number of national and international brands to grant commercial franchises and ‎reservation of rights of the grantor and grantee in accordance with the commercial franchise system in the Kingdom. In addition to providing, what the pioneer needs. Commercial franchise models are as follows: • Corner • Car • Shop • Truck.

About Product

The franchise program in Bank
  • 05/02/2011 the high order for the Establishment of the Program.
  • 27/02 /2013 the high order to transfer the program from the Charity Fund to the Social Development Bank.
The Bank launches this program in order to support the Saudi economy and to serve the qualified citizens of the country by offering a number of investment opportunities that enjoy the highest and lowest rates and low risk ratios. By attracting projects that have proved successful and conclude agreements to grant franchise to those wishing to benefit from the bank services, especially from the target audiences of the bank.
Target Audiences:
The target audiences for the Commercial Franchise by the Social Development Bank are the most viability persons to qualify and train from youth and women of target audiences.
Conditions and provides of donor companies for commercial franchising
A Party that owns a particular good, product, service or business system with a registered trademark and grants the right to use the trademark for a consideration amount under agreed conditions.  The franchisor often determines the conditions under which the grantee will work but without having physical ownership therein.


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