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Riyadah Objectives

  • The deployment of self-employment among the members of the community and build positive behavior towards the culture of his practice.
  • Develop a national program for entrepreneurship and development of small enterprises and medium.
  • Rehabilitation of human cadres specialized in the field of entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises development.

Riyadah Services

  • Disseminate entrepreneurial culture.
  • Training.
  • Consulting.
  • Counseling.
  • Incubation.
  • Facilitating access to finance.
  • Facilitating access to licenses.

Riyadah Programs

  • Iradah Program: This program is intended to help young people who are interested in owning their own program and do not have a previous era projects but they have the will and determination to establish a pilot project, as this program puts many services at their disposal characterized by meeting them to their needs and availability requirements, especially in the early stages of the life of the project to ensure the stability and success their projects.
         Target groups: Citizens who wish to create their small businesses of both sexes.
  • Graduates Program : a special program designed to accommodate qualified for self-employment of the growing numbers of graduates of health institutes and graduates preparers to teach through a special program that meets their needs, and supports formed other small or emerging projects consistent with the scientific expertise and specialization.
         Target groups: .
  1. kheregin Preparers to teach all disciplines.
  2. Accredited health diploma holders in all disciplines.

Tracks approved By Riyadah

  • Path of start-ups: the path of targeting small and micro-enterprises in vocational and professional sectors to find a job applicant, provided that the investment does not exceed the cost of the project submitted for 300 thousand riyals.
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Industrial Development Center

Industrial Development Center

Center objectives

  1. Helping Saudi youth to establish their own businesses.
  2. Provide new and permanent jobs opportunities in the market.
  3. Helping to transform entrepreneurial ideas into actual products.
  4. Helping in providing financial support and connecting with the supportive bodies.
  5. Creating the appropriate environment for start-up enterprises.
  6. Taking care of small and medium-sized enterprises and providing the technical assistance in accordance with the quality of the adopted project at the Center.
  7. Linking the small and startups enterprises to industrial and commercial sectors locally and possibly in the developed industrial countries.
Center Services
  1. Business and feasibility studies planning.
  2. Providing offices and other facilities to customers.
  3. Helping in marketing and communication strategies development.
  4. Helping in the long-term financing strategies and business plans development.
  5. Accounting Management.
  6. Secretarial, Internet, post, telephone and fax services.
  7. Other logistic services as required.
Authorized tracks for Riyadah Industrial Development Center
  1. Start-ups Enterprises Track: A track aimed at small and micro enterprises in the professional sectors to find a job opportunity for the applicant, provided that the project investment cost not more than 300 thousand Saudi riyals.
  2. Excellence Track: A track aimed the industrial and service sectors, in which the largest possible number of the mentioned funding priorities in the financing regulations for small and startups enterprises in Article (7), clause (2), in which the cost exceeds more than 300 thousand Saudi riyals and does not exceed eight million Saudi riyals.
  3. Invention Track: A track for inventors who have a patent that proves the study of the market need, while complying with the bank's financing regulations for small and emerging projects. 
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Namaa Almunawara

Namaa Almunawara
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Anti-concealment National program

Anti-concealment National program
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Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

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Jazan Chamber

Jazan Chamber
In accordance with other supportive entities for entrepreneurs and self-employment ,an agreement has been done with Jazan Chamber, to provide services for those who are looking for Emerging Projects such as  (food trucks , Hall) and the graduation program, according to the polices and terms of SDB .
The agreement includes:
  • To benefit from SDB"s outputs and channels.
  • Spreading the culture of self-employment.
  • Support and care for entrepreneurs.
  • Provide jobs for Saudis through those projects.
  • Contribution to the local economy.
  • Benefit the relative advantage of the region (southern KSA).
For more information about SME"S in Jazan Chamber press here
For more info on SDB"s channels press here
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